The Notice When You Using Our Website|結婚式ギフト・アイテムならピアリー

The Notice When You Using Our Website


If you have no our company’s permission, you will be prohibited of copying the pictures (include commodities, banners, logos, illustration etc.), the key word of advertisements, articles etc. (We called it as our company’s pictures).
You cannot copy or distribute partially or totally our company’s pictures without the permission from our company (Personal using is permitted.). Especially you’re seeking to profit or insult our website or using in bad ways – you will not be allowed to use our website.

  1. Our website is constituted data of all our company’s pictures. Almost all the copyrights and neighboring on copyrights belong to piary (We called it as “piary”)(For the part of which we have no copyright, we have got the permission from the authors that we can use their works.)
  2. Please be sure that you will not disregard the copyright furthermore you will use it for personal purpose before you download the data. For this reason, we will give you some examples for which will be forbidden.
    You cannot copy or distribute partially or totally our company’s pictures for profiting. For example, you cannot use the date which download from our website to making your website even though you had processed some of them.
  3. You must stop using the data which you download from our website; in addition, you must clear away all the data and the copy, if you are regarded as contrary to any of the notice.

■There are some copy websites and spurious websites should be attention

We have found that our online shop has been copied and we have found some spurious websites exist.
They always use these ways to cheat money.
For example, they accept the order and they make the customers remit money from bank.
But they don’t send the products to the customers or they send some fake and poor products to the customers.

Be attention, please. If you have found those websites, we request you with us.

MAIL:[email protected]

◆ The main way of crime by the spurious websites ◆

  • They copy and place the pictures, banners and illustrations of products from the regular websites.
  • They do not publish the name and telephone number of the company.
  • You can see the mark of credit institutions and banks, but their purpose just make you feel safe. Actually, the pay way will be remit money only. And the detail of the account will not be seen on those websites.
  • The account name is a person’s name.
  • About the company and pay way, the illustrations are unnatural.
  • They have email address but no telephone number on their websites.

◆ How to protect yourself ◆

First, you should seek the name of the company and manager on the website.
Then you should confirm the name of the account.
The regular name should be the company’s name but not a person’s name.
Before order, you should take a call to the company and you can know the shop is true or false.
We recommend you use the newest security software. Do not order from a danger website.
You can see the date about dealing imitation on Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan.

◆ If you cheated by the spurious websites ◆

You should arrange and take the pay certificate to the nearest police office or you can talk to the Consumer Center.